• Spiral Belt Freezer

    Spiral belt freezer

    It is suitable for mass production,continuous production mode,small occupied area,low cost of quick freezing.

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  • Freezing Cabinet

    Cryogenic freezer

    Improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece,ensure the dimension accuracy of the workpiece,can effectively make up for the following deficiencies after heat treatment.

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  • Multipurpose Furnace

    Cryogenic multiple furnace

    With automatic lifting device,it is convenient to clean the cryogenic area of the equipment.Save space and equipment.

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  • Liquid Nitrogen Blast Freezer

    Liquid nitrogen cabinet freezer

    Applicable to internal testing,development and small-lot production .Small land occupation and low energy consumption.

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  • Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

    Liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer

    Applicable to flow-line production of high value-added food,such as fish and shrimp,seafood,high-grade fruit,fresh food etc.

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